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Our Story

What We Stand For

Our story starts, like most things, with a simple cup of tea. In a typical Sri Lankan household, you are likely to find a pot of tea brewing no matter the time of day. From morning to night, when a friend visits, when your neighbour stops by, at family gatherings and even at the end of a party, a cup of tea brings us together. It’s power to connect people across families, cities and countries around the world is why we found ourselves passionate about tea and it is this ethos we’ve tried to capture through METEA - my very own tea. This is why we take our responsibility towards the tea drinking world seriously and why we at METEA are committed to fostering sustainable lifestyles by empowering producers of tea and herbs. Carefully nurtured tea and herbs sourced from these producers are blended together to make the perfect ME TEA brew.

Our ME TEA brand places great emphasis on the supply chain and ensure that all our materials are organically grown and is free of pesticides and weedicides. We have carefully sourced and crafted our tea to ensure an authentic brew of the finest quality, as we understand the importance of healthy living. All products in our ME TEA range, have a plethora of health benefits; so with every purchase, ME TEA promotes a longer and healthier lifestyle.

In our commitment towards the Sustainable Development Goals, we encourage the use of Fairtrade certified products; through this initiative, ME TEA contributes towards enhancing livelihoods of workers involved in plantations. Our promise ensures that all planters benefit from equitable international trading partnerships focused on dialogue, transparency, and respect. Thus, the mere act of purchasing a ME TEA tea bag, makes a positive difference in the lives of many planters.

ME TEA with UTZ promote sustainable farming and foster save our environment and our planet initiatives, by safeguarding natural resources. ME TEA has vested interest in fighting climate change, which adversely affect the plantations and livelihood of people. In our endeavors, we take great care in ensuring that our products, from farm to shop shelf, is sourced in a sustainable manner.

Through all our commitments, our hope is that ME TEA can make a minute difference in preserving earth’s eco-system for the greater good of future generations.

A small purchase of ME TEA can give back to the big world.

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About Us

Avenrich Tea (Private) Limited was established in 2016, to supply high quality Ceylon and other Origin Teas to the world of tea consumers at affordable prices. Operations of the Company entail the manufacture and export of bulk tea and value-added products, including flavoured tea. Trading includes conventional tea (orthodox) and cut, Twisted and Curled (CTC) teas.

The Company is currently permitted to use certifications that enable the manufacture of organic, Fairtrade, UTZ, JAS, EU, NOP certified tea.

Our Mission

"Provide tea consumers globally with high quality Ceylon tea at affordable prices"


Sampath Jayampathy

Managing Director

Avenrich Tea (Private) Limited

Sampath Jayampathy, entered the Sri Lankan tea trade in 1986 by joining Carson Cumberbatch & Co. where he received intense training and development in tea tasting, grading and marketing. After a three-year stint, he joined Finlay’s Colombo in 1989 as a Senior Executive of the Tea Division. After successfully climbing the corporate ladder, Sampath, after 27 years of service, parted ways leaving the entity as Director - Sales & Marketing. His invaluable experience in the industry is complemented by the training he received while at Finlay’s, which took him to multiple countries across the world, which also entailed the Finlay’s Head Office in the United Kingdom and other diverse tea producing countries such as Kenya, India, Bangladesh, Japan, Vietnam. Leveraging a wealth of industry knowledge and expertise, Sampath, strategically moved out of Finlay’s in 2016 to make further headway with his own export business, Avenrich Tea (Private) Limited. He currently serves as the Managing Director of Avenrich Tea (Private) Limited.